20 years of helping membership organizations engage people and realize growth

Hi, I’m Sarah Sladek

I’ve been in your shoes before. I’ve worked as an association executive, volunteered on committees, served on and led boards of directors. In fact, it was while I was working as an association executive when the idea for this firm came to me.

I wanted to understand why membership decline happened and how to reverse it.

I saw an opportunity for organizations to learn how to navigate disruption and plan for their futures.

And I believed associations were only reaching a small fragment of their potential.

I’ve dedicated my career to finding the answers and identifying the strategies needed to catapult associations forward. Now, I teach these strategies to associations worldwide.

My team and I are committed to the success of associations. Here’s how we can help your organization:

✓  Best-Selling Books
✓  Virtual and Live Coaching
✓  Keynote presentations
✓  Strategy
✓  Research
✓  E-learning

Sarah Sladek & Co

A diversified approach

next-gen membership engagement

At Sarah Sladek & Co, our mission is to help associations develop and implement a diversified value proposition to future-proof, grow, and engage more people. Simply put, working with us requires a willingness to engage new ideas and new people.

Dedicated to saving the associations

For 20+ years our sole focus has been to save associations from an untimely demise and position them to be relevant, sustainable, and engaging in the 21st century.

Every industry, every community, everywhere is made stronger by associations. We’re doing our part to make sure they thrive for generations to come.

With us, growth is possible

We know why declines in engagement occur. More importantly, we know how to reverse the decline.

Since 2002, Sarah Sladek & Company has researched declines in engagement, alongside changing demographics, and economic and consumer trends. 


  • To understand what influences shifts in market values and behaviors, disrupts organizations, and causes decline. 
  • To identify the best path forward — a strategy proven to persevere in times of change and lead to growth.

This market intelligence and strategic guidance have increased engagement for 200+ membership organizations worldwide.

A Few of Our Clients.