Sarah Sladek & Co

Flip Your Perspective to Achieve Greater Success

Reporting live from Australia, Sarah Sladek invites associations to flip their perspectives to reverse membership decline and disengagement.

This five-part video series explores key challenges associations are facing and provides tips to help them successfully transition and ‘flip’ their perspectives.  

Part 1 – Flip Your Perspective – Australia 2018


Part 2 – Flip Your Perspective – Plan for the Future


Part 3 – Flip Your Perspective – Membership Value


Part 4 – Flip Your Perspective – Commit to Change


Part 5 – Flip Your Perspective – Leaders of Tomorrow  

It is XYZ University’s mission to help ‘Save the Associations’ from membership decline and disengagement. We invite them to “flip” their perspectives in 2019 to achieve greater success.


If your organization is struggling, now is the time for action. Register for our newly developed courses specifically designed to help membership organizations more effectively engage and retain members.

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