Spring is officially in full swing, and with the turning of the seasons comes new growth and…bees! As the flowers bloom, bees swarm in to pollinate them, carrying that precious nectar back to their hives to be converted to honey. This whole process really is a “win-win-win” scenario for all parties involved when you think about it. The flowers benefit, the hive thrives, and consumers get that delicious honey.

This “pollination process” applies to your membership organization as well. You want the best for your association, which is why you build a board of influential leaders, plan dynamic programs, and put meaningful initiatives into action! You want to gather something genuinely exceptional and bring it to more people so they can all benefit.

Unfortunately, many organizations are fearful of pollinating.

They help their communities behind the scenes, opting to avoid “unnecessary” attention or recognition. I was recently at a dinner with the CEO of an organization who shared with me that his association helped rebuild a sports stadium that had encountered funding issues. Without the help of his association, the initiative would never have come to fruition.

When I asked how this economic development boosted momentum for the organization, he responded, “Our members didn’t know about it.” They didn’t know about it?! Surely he was mistaken.

I probed further. He went on to tell me that the association worked behind the scenes as a silent partner to avoid hurt feelings and publicity. He didn’t realize that while the association’s partnership benefited the community, it held little value to the members who were unaware of its existence. When no one knows about the accomplishments within your organization, no one benefits. 

Much like a hive, your organization needs to attract strength, power, and success – and share it! Whenever I speak at strategy retreats, I like to conduct a “Legends Exercise,” where participants identify good things happening within the association that not everyone may know about. This activity never fails to yield a substantial list of achievements…that members are oblivious to. In the hive, every bee plays a role. Your role? Bring the goodness together and broadcast it. 

We live in an era of unprecedented disruption and are emerging from one of the darkest times in recent history. People feel isolated, lost, and disillusioned, which is why the worst thing your association can do right now is remain quiet. And, at a time when everyone is watching budgets and scrutinizing costs to ensure all expenditures have a return on investment, there is never a better time to qualify, quantify, and communicate your member value!

I urge you to take stock of all of the accolades and growth your organization has achieved and publicize it. Pollinate. Spread your positive news on platforms that will reach your member base and community. Positivity is both contagious and inspiring, and right now, we can all use a “win-win-win.” Your members need to know that the time, energy, and money they are investing in your organization are being leveraged for the greater good. So about that buzz – start spreading the word, and I guarantee that people will be beelining to your organization in no time.

Is your organization ready to grow? Let’s work together and find a strategy that will benefit you and your members.