Membership Coaching, Retreats, & Strategies


Membership Coaching, Retreats, & Strategies

Building on our suite of education, coursework, and research, Membership U and Sarah Sladek are committed to being your resident coach and partner in strategy development and successful execution. Through direct engagement and support of Sarah and our team, Membership U offers customized coaching, workshop retreats and our proprietary 180 Membership Planning to help your organization grow and thrive!

Leverage the collective expertise of Sarah and our team with your organization, leadership team, board of directors, staff or chapters. Our hands-on approach is customized for your organization’s unique needs – and will provide actionable insights to help your organization develop strategy and execute.

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MemberShift Accelerator: 

Strategic membership planning course January-June 2024

You: “Our association has a membership strategy.”
Sarah: “No, it doesn’t.”

Membership organizations are reporting higher levels of disengagement and decline than ever before. And if you ask Sarah, she will probably tell you it’s because your organization doesn’t actually have a membership strategy. And if it does, there’s a reason it isn’t yielding results.

After all, membership as an area of expertise doesn’t really exist. The topic remains largely unexplored and unknown.

Think about it. There is no formalized training or college degree or training in the field of membership. Rather, association leaders have borrowed from business models, learned by trial-and-error, stuck to traditions, and made assumptions about what drives membership engagement.

With the majority of associations globally now reporting increased levels of disengagement and decline, it’s safe to say the winging-it and more-of-the-same approaches aren’t working. Not at all.

But Sarah Sladek has become a subject matter expert on the topic of membership. She’s been researching membership trends for two decades to clearly understand what drives disengagement and fuels growth.

Via considerable research and experience working with associations globally, she has acquired the equivalent of a master’s degree in membership and she’s passing along many key insights in the MemberShift Accelerator.

Consider this your crash course in membership strategy – what’s working, what’s not, and why.

In this six-month virtual team coaching program, Sarah Sladek herself will guide course participants through the development of a customizable membership action plan.

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from the membership subject matter expert herself!
Topics covered:
  • Engaging Younger Generations of Members
  • Value Proposition + Target Market
  • Membership Buying Behaviors and Value Shifts – Decision to Join
  • Member Engagement – Community Building
  • Member Marketing & Communications
  • Member Benefits
  • Culture/Member Experience
  • Trends Analysis
  • Visioning
  • and More!

The MemberShift Accelerator includes six months of learning.

  • Kick-off the learning adventure and meet your classmates during a two-hour virtual summit in January.
  • Learn directly from Sarah during 1-hour live webinars in February, March, April, and May. (Can’t make the live event? All class sessions will be recorded.)
  • Join us for an in-person half-day summit and celebration in Washington, DC in June! Meet your classmates and receive a certificate of completion.
Also included:
+ A copy of Sarah’s latest book, MemberShift 
+ Access to Membership University, an online resource library featuring articles, tools, best practices, and additional courses
+ Private community exclusive to Accelerator course participants. Learn from Sarah and the other association professionals enrolled in the course!

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Membership Mastermind for Chapters:

Private, virtual group coaching for chapter leaders representing the same organization

Sarah offers a condensed version of the MemberShift Accelerator for chapter leaders seeking an opportunity to collectively learn and develop membership strategies for their individual chapters.

The Mastermind option requires a minimum enrollment of 10 chapter leaders and includes three months of private group coaching.

+ Chapter leader groups meet once a month for three months for two hours
+ Sarah presents interactive presentations featuring step-by-step guidance to develop a membership growth strategy
+ Each session also includes time set aside for Q&A and coaching individuals through current challenges

Each chapter leader also receives:

+ A copy of Sarah’s latest book, MemberShift 
+ Access to Membership University, an online resource library featuring articles, tools, best practices, and additional courses

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