A podcast dedicated to helping association leaders and membership professionals adapt to the ever-changing needs of their diverse membership community while learning why and what to start doing now in order to reach younger members. My goal is to help you succeed by raising your Membership IQ! New podcasts are added weekly.

SEASON 1 - EPISODE 1: "Membership is Life"

We kick off the first season of The Membership IQ podcast by getting into the Membership is Life mindset! In this episode, I give some backstory behind my passion for multigeneration membership practices. I began to see the challenges associations face due to an apathy towards membership and the belief that members will always continue to grow. Let’s face it, as membership professionals, we don't have a lot of guidance on what it takes to engage and retain the next generation of members. In this podcast, I give you actionable strategies based on my experiences over the last decade to get into the Membership is Life Mindset.

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