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The End of Membership As We Know it 

Based upon Sarah Sladek’s groundbreaking and ASAE best selling book, this edutaining keynote presentation by Sladek shows association leadership, board of directors, and staff how to build a sustainable and thriving membership.

Today, the competition is cutthroat and membership as a commodity holds little value. As a result, associations are challenged more than ever before to retain membership, market to prospective members, and raise revenue.

Learn how to prove your association’s value and provide a must-have membership; Eliminate the competition and corner the market; Determine which membership model provides the most income potential; and Measure the value of, and demand for, your association’s membership benefits.

end of membership as we know it
sarah sladek workshop

The Future Of Membership Workshop

Changing demographics and innovations in technology have—and will continue to have—an effect on your membership community and association’s value proposition.

This workshop dives into the challenges your association is facing and provides best practices and turn-around strategies to engage members and develop a future-focused membership growth strategy.

This highly interactive training draws upon her 17 years of research, features several case studies and useful strategies, and gives you the opportunity to learn best practices from the other association executives in attendance.

Don’t miss this chance to invest in training that rewards you with new, effective strategies to recruit and retain members. In this workshop you will learn how to engage members and expand your association’s influence for years to come.

6 Month Virtual Membership Growth Training

Sarah’s 6 month system is designed to help unite your communities while guiding you through a process to increase value, grow membership, and Future Proof  your association.

Technology, economics, and demographics. Since the year 2000, your chapters have experienced a barrage of challenges that have weakened their position in the marketplace and forever altered their futures. The meaning of membership has shifted and now, more than ever, your chapters need to be able to prove that membership provides a return on investment to their members—especially its youngest members and prospects.

Throughout the training, you’ll experience live virtual coaching and training designed with a clear understanding of the limited time and financial resources leadership struggles with every day. 

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Membership Strategy Retreat

Sarah will guide your membership association through her proprietary 3-step strategy retreat process designed to identify goals and gaps in greater detail, as well as key performance indicators, while also sparking community-building and grassroots campaigning.

Prior to the date, Sarah will work with your organization to uncover key measurements related to your brand, culture, and identification of the gaps preventing goal realization and member disengagement.

Once your team arrives at the retreat, you will hit the ground running. Using the information gathered during the pre-planning process, Sarah will guide the organization through her Next-Gen proprietary strategy retreat process.

Following the retreat, Sarah will review retreat findings with our Next-Gen Council and produce a report that outlines findings and recommendations for critical next steps to Future-Proof your Association.

Membership Growth Master Plan

Designed for those who want to curb membership turnover, engage younger generations of members, identify a strategy for sustainable growth, and build a better value proposition.

Sarah Sladek & Company partners with your organization to identify gaps and create a Next-Gen value proposition to future-proof your association. We’re the only firm in North America with this focus and unique depth of expertise for understanding the effects on membership associations.

This plan is completely customized based on your association’s uniques needs and goals. To get started, schedule a 30 minute free strategy session and we will prepare a roadmap that will help your association embrace the future, deal with change, and turn challenges into opportunities to grow membership.

XYZ University

Your Association’s Partner to help your Member Companies Recruit, Engage, and Retain Workforce talent!

What is your association doing to solve your industry’s workforce talent crisis? 

XYZ University are experts on Gen Z and Gen Y engagement strategies; Next-Gen Industry Workforce Talent Research; Generations@Work Training System 

Our team will assist your member companies learn how to Leverage a Multi-Generational Workforce…based upon the 6-Pillars of Sarah Sladek’s latest book, Talent Generation.

“Recruiting younger members is essential to our future if our organizations are going to remain vibrant and relevant. I give Sladek a lot of credit for taking on a hard and important issue.”

John Graham, ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership

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