On a recent trip to Hawaii, my husband and I ventured up a mountain, following the signs which told us a scenic overlook was just up ahead. The road was curvy and bumpy, and we anxiously anticipated the view awaiting us at the top. Imagine our surprise, just as we reached the summit, when the sunshine suddenly gave way to grayness, and we found ourselves standing right smack in the middle of a cloud! There was nothing ‘scenic’ to see. In fact, we could barely see more than a few feet in front of us! 

This is the perfect metaphor for vision – or a lack thereof. 

In recent years, there have been many bumps and curves in the road, which have forced organizations to focus on the road in front of them. Some leaders have become incredibly fixated on the day-to-day. But vision is imperative for success! 

Now more than ever, members look to their associations for answers, guidance, and inspiration. People want to be a part of communities and have access to resources — both of which deliver a sense of security and belonging.

Moreover, they want to know the organization has a destination in mind and isn’t merely buckled up to withstand the curves in the road. When the outlook is fuzzy, and the association’s vision isn’t immediately apparent, people feel uncertain about what they are joining and why it matters. 

In this episode of the Membership IQ, I explain the need for vision to keep members engaged and the organization moving forward — even in times of disruption.

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