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The strategies, trends, and guidance are key to increasing employee engagement, managing multi-generational teams, and recruiting and retaining next-gen talent.

Next Gen Workforce Topics

Curb the Quits and Conflict: How to Create a Culture of Belonging

Workplace hostility, widespread disengagement, and generational conflicts have all spiked in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to retain talent, team-build, or remain profitable and productive.

But there is a way to move ahead and get to a place of engagement, team-building, and belonging.
In this presentation, Sarah guides the audience through the steps to successfully move past the attitudes, stereotypes, and biases that sidetrack efforts to team-build. The model is trifold: recognize, accept, celebrate.

Sarah brings a generational lens and an ‘I-never-thought-of-it-that-way!’ approach to conflict resolution. Learn how to leverage a multi-generational team and create a workplace where everyone feels like they belong.

Engage Employees and Win in the Talent Economy

Welcome to the Talent Economy – a 21st century economy characterized by unprecedented innovation, connectivity, disruption, and opportunity. As well as unprecedented turnover, declining job satisfaction, and shrinking profitability. How is it possible we’re in a Talent Economy and still struggling to engage talent?

For too long, we’ve just assumed there is no way out of this mess, but Sarah Sladek proves otherwise. For her book, Talent Generation: How visionary organizations are redefining work and achieving greater success, Sarah spent two years studying the traits shared among organizations realizing the highest employee engagement and profitability.
Drawing from this documented workforce research, as well as her own ongoing study of generational impacts, her presentation cites numerous examples of organizations that have been capable of engaging employees in this era of disruption — what they did, why it worked, and how it’s made a difference to the organizations’ outlook and bottom line.

Sarah proves that it’s possible to create an organization designed to engage talent and thrive in an era of disruption, and she provides audiences with the guidance to do it.

Generations@Work: Learning to Leverage Our Differences

The Great Resignation. The War for Talent. The Silver Tsunami. Whatever you call it, turnover is skyrocketing and generation gaps are partly to blame. Research indicates workplace hostility, ageism, and conflict are looming large, killing concepts like inclusion, collaboration, and teamwork dead in their tracks.

Sarah Sladek specializes in helping teams understand and leverage their differences and bridge the gaps.

Sarah has been researching demographic shifts and helping organizations navigate generational differences for 20 years. Using humor, pop culture references, and numerous best practices, she shows multi-generational teams how to build trust, empathy, and get to a place of enjoying work. Together.

In this presentation she shares valuable insights into what makes each generation tick, when and why conflicts emerge, and how best to resolve them. In the process, audience members learn a lot about themselves and one another and have fun doing it.

Think you know everything there is to know about generations and workplace conflict? Think again. Audiences rave about Sarah’s unique approach, in-depth perspective, and research on the subject matter.

Team-Building in a Turbulent Time

Society is changing, demographics are shifting, and work as we’ve always known it is at an end. In this time of incredible transition, teamwork has taken a hit.

We’ve all felt stressed, directionless, isolated, and wary of facing any additional change. Enthusiasm and motivation has waned, and we desperately need to get the team — and ourselves — reconnected, inspired about the future, and re-engaged in the work and mission. But how?

It’s become obvious we can’t rely on ‘pep talks’ to bring a team out of its funk. In fact, many of our tried-and-true team building efforts are falling flat in this changing work environment and at a time when the call for inclusion and collaboration is louder than ever.
There is a solution.

In this presentation, Sarah Sladek will share strategies to motivate, inspire, and reconnect with your team. Drawing from her research on employee engagement, change management, and generational shifts, Sarah will share her insights on what it takes to bring people together in a time of change and create a happier, more productive work environment.

The World According to Z

Meet Generation Z, the generation of teens and 20-somethings coming of age during the most disruptive decade in history. They’re walking into the workforce with radically different skill sets, values, and expectations.

Does your organization have what it takes to engage them?
While the spotlight has been on Millennials for several years, Z is stepping into the limelight, and they are nothing like their elders. Drawing from generational research, Sarah’s presentation brings Z’s unique traits, expectations, and values to life.
She clearly identifies what organizations need to do now to make room for the next generation and engage them as employees, consumers, members, and volunteers.