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Actionable insights your audience needs to realize increased engagement, relevance, and growth

You don’t have to accept decline.

For far too long, declines in membership and employee engagement have just been accepted as irreversible norms. It’s been believed there is no way to engage people and spur growth in a time of widespread disruption.

But I have proven there is another way.

By booking me to speak at your event, I will inspire your audience to approach team and community-building in radical, new ways.

Speaking Clients

From the Association World Congress to corporate auditoriums, organizations worldwide have experienced how I inspire and engage audiences both on stage and on-line.


Membership Topics

The strategies, trends, and guidance key to achieving membership growth, increasing member engagement, and recruiting younger members.

For membership professionals, association, and chamber executives. Ideal for board retreats, chapter leader conferences, association executive events.

Workforce Topics

The strategies, trends, and guidance key to increasing employee engagement, managing multi-generational teams, and recruiting and retaining next gen talent.

For executive and management teams. Ideal for staff retreats, management conferences, leadership training, or executive events.

I’ve Never Heard This Before

I have been named a Talent Economy influencer and referred to as a “social equality expert” and “wake-up call”.

When organizations started experiencing considerable disengagement and decline and couldn’t identify why, I dedicated myself to finding the answers.

From pop culture to brain development and demographics, I research how people engage and what influences the decision to engage. And as a futurist, I understand clearly who and what is coming next and what organizations need to do now to prepare.

Audiences rave about my ability to deliver thought-provoking, game-changing keynotes. The most common feedback we hear after I present is “I’ve never heard this before,” and “I never thought of it that way!

Imagine if within 60-minutes you could:

  • Identify the hurdles preventing your organization from engaging people;
  • Rethink your response to change and make room for collaboration and innovation; and
  • Inspire your team to create a people-first, future-focused value proposition and culture.

Inspiring Change Anywhere

next-gen membershipIn-person or virtual, I connect with audiences. I have over 20 years of experience presenting on-stage and on-camera.

From 100 to 2,000 participants, captivate your audience immediately, with a range of interactive and thought-provoking techniques that leave people wanting more:

  • Interactive quick-hit exercises that reveal barriers and shift perspectives
  • Live polling questions and custom results discussed on the spot
  • Thought-provoking diagnostics
  • Attention-grabbing tips and tricks that provoke teams to take action

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