The strategies, trends, and guidance are key to increasing employee engagement, managing multi-generational teams, and recruiting and retaining next-gen talent.

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Future of Work

Employee turnover and disengagement are more prevalent than ever. Clearly, what worked in the past isn’t working anymore. In this keynote, I share my six-step talent management system proven to increase employee engagement, productivity, and profits.

Inspired by my book Talent Generation.

Ready or Not, Here's Z

Born 1996-2009, Gen Z’s arrival marks the end of clearly defined roles, traditions, and experiences throughout society. I will introduce you to the strategies key to engaging the generation already wielding their influence and raising their voices in a call for change.

Based on our global Gen Z research project.


Managing a multigenerational workforce with so many different perspectives can pose a unique organizational challenge and opportunity. In this keynote, I provide guidance on how to successfully leverage differences, team-build, and create collaborative, inclusive work cultures.

Like a Boss

There are ample opportunities for older generations to learn about younger generations, but not vice versa. This keynote is tailored for the next-gen students and professionals on leadership tracks, launching businesses, or wanting insights on how to work with and manage older generations.

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Speaking Engagement

I have an unrivaled understanding of the core issues that today's workplaces are struggling with, and I know how to fix it. By combining my energy-filled main stage presence and global keynote expertise, we can help your company engage and retain employees in this new post-pandemic world. This is an ideal opportunity for staff retreats, management conferences, leadership training, or executive events.