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With Sarah Sladek and her team of workplace talent transformation experts to engage Next-Gen Talent Now!

“Everything we do is future-focused and research-based.”

Sarah Sladek

Generational, societal, and technological shifts have changed how, why, and where young people work. I bring a unique skillset and Talent Economy expertise needed to help leaders overcome and adapt to today’s 21st Century workplace.

I can help you win the war for young talent!...and become an Employer of Choice, unleashing an exciting new era and brighter future, by creating a positive company culture that is both successful and sustainable. 

Our Services & Products

Restructuring Company Talent Management Practices

Inter-Generational Training Programs For Leaders and Managers

Next-Gen & Young Professional Talent Mentoring & Leadership Training

XYZ U Partner Campus Training Platform

Turn-key Workplace Training & Education Platform- Provides on-demand access to a robust system of talent management and training programs. Whether it’s on-boarding new talent or following our step-by-step process to restructure talent management practices, this platform offers organizations a path to becoming and remaining an Employer Of Choice. 

Generational, societal, and technological shifts have changed how, why, and where young people work. 

The generational change colliding with previous era management practices are a critical problem in today’s workplace. We have been preparing organizations for the current talent crisis, long before the pandemic began.

This has only accelerated the need for companies to adopt a new approach to attracting, engaging, developing, including younger workers, and building a future talent pipeline.

XYZ University is a leader in helping companies:

Develop and implement strategies to recruit, engage, and retain young talent.

Reduce turnover among Gen Z/Millennial employees.

Integrated strategies for recruiting, developing, and mentoring your future talent pipeline.

Improve employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Improve awareness, workplace perception by becoming an Employer Of Choice and win the war for recruiting talent.

Companies are struggling to find talent, dealing with remote labor, and they're dealing with all of the different changes that younger talent brings. It's an incredibly difficult time today, more so than it has ever been. Employee disengagement continues to grow and is already the highest in history.  Employers need to rebuild culture so important internal systems, like knowledge transfer between senior and incoming and younger talent can exist once again.

We are offering a sustainable path for talent management, talent engagement, and a talent succession plan. 


Quickly get your Board and Staff aligned for Membership Growth!


Membership Growth Accelerator for Teams

Learning by doing is an effective means for change. In this team training experience, Sarah Sladek guides a team through the membership strategy development process.

Regularly scheduled coaching calls, video lessons, and tasks to complete prior to the coaching calls, the team will receive the step-by-step training and tools it needs to develop a strategy for the association’s growth.

Learn valuable strategies from Sarah while also team-building and inspiring momentum as you partake in this meaningful change experience together.


For teams – staff, board, volunteers, or a mix of roles – all affiliated with the same organization who want to co-develop a customized growth strategy and receive training on membership strategy development.


6 months of coaching calls + online learning + team tasks

A Member Benefit With a Meaningful Mission

Help your members retain workforce talent

Long before the pandemic, workforce challenges were apparent. Record-high employee turnover and record-low employee engagement. Skills gaps. Retirement waves. Difficulty engaging younger generations of talent. Managing remote teams.

For the majority of your association’s members and member companies, work just isn’t working anymore. Your members are seeking solutions to these pressing challenges, and they expect your association to help.

Proud partner of the next gen workforce development initiative founded by Associated General Contractors of California Center
Proud partner of the next gen workforce development initiative founded by Associated General Contractors of California Center

We have the answer.

Our Workforce Partner Program is ideally suited for those associations that have identified an urgent need to help members navigate change, retain talent, and eliminate turnover. Sarah Sladek & Co offers a turn-key, customized training experience for your members. As a result, your association can deliver a much-needed member benefit and generate non-dues revenue!

Here’s how it works:


Our proprietary Workforce Assessment is sent to members. This helps us identify workforce gaps, trends, and challenges common among your membership.


We develop a customized training experience based on Assessment results and the 6 pillars key to employee engagement outlined in Sarah’s book, Talent Generation.


The program is rolled out in three stages, engaging groups of executives, managers, and employees for the ultimate change-making, team-building experience.