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5 Must-Have Strategies For Successful Membership Recruitment

May 16 @ 12:20 am CDT

Ever feel like you’re reacting to low membership numbers rather than working through an established, proactive plan to recruit and retain your members? Do you know why you do the things you do as they pertain to reaching out to new members for your association? Before you stick with the same, tried-and-true (or maybe not-so-true) methods for membership recruitment, keep the following strategies and tactics in mind: 1. Young or old, membership recruitment is a sales process No matter if you’re concerned with engaging new, younger members or if you’re reaching out to Baby Boomers, you need to understand the purchasing life cycle of your potential members. And although we may not want to think about membership as a “sales” process, when you take away all the fluff, that’s exactly what it is. But, you need the fluff because, without it, you’re just like all the other associations out there. Confused yet? Here’s what I’m getting at: There is a list of things you should be doing before trying to seal the deal. In fact, before you even start recruiting new members you need to be sure your information and message is getting out loud and clear in order to create a sense of awareness about your organization. Understanding your members’ purchasing phases and your methods for bringing them in (creating awareness, recruiting, engaging, renewing) is all part of the membership recruitment or membership sales process. Your association’s marketing, branding, and recruitment/sales teams should always be working in tandem to create cohesive messaging at every stage of this process. It may be sales, but it’s not always directly about the dollars. Membership recruitment is about creating long-lasting relationships, engaging your prospects and proving to them why they would benefit from your association. 2. Understand your association’s niche Even though you may want to be, you can’t be the association for everyone. You need to buckle down and determine, realistically, who your target market is and where…

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