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Best-Selling Books

Providing numerous real-world examples along with specific guidance, The End of Membership As We Know It is a must-have guide for moving your membership model into the future.

The era when associations could count on members joining and renewing, even with a relatively unchanging menu of membership benefits, has passed.

In this best-selling book, our CEO Sarah Sladek offers practical, proven ways associations can respond to changes affecting participation, such as the generational shifts in the workforce, social changes, and the impact of technology.

The End of Membership As We Know It explains:

Also By Sarah Sladek:

Online Courses

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This course will introduce fundamental membership principles for members’ recruitment, retention, and engagement.

It will also help you better understand what you can do to create a resilient and successful membership organization that remains relevant for years.

Online Self-Paced Course

CAE Credits

As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for 6 credits towards your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

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Sarah’s modern-day membership science and innovative engagement strategies have helped save thousands of membership organizations and associations around the world.

For two decades, Sarah has spoken to association leaders, their members, their chapters & affiliates, and their staff about the importance of a member-centric approach to their business.

Below are a few of Sarah’s proven topics which she tailors to help educate and motivate board and staff leaders, chapter leaders, and entire association teams on building a successful membership operation.

Combining her energy-filled main stage presence and global keynote expertise, we can help your association membership grow, increase member engagement, and recruit younger members.

This is an ideal opportunity for board retreats, chapter leader conferences, and association executive events.

Topics include but are not limited to:

The Future of Membership IS NOW!

How To Move An Organization Stuck in Membership’s Past 

60-min Keynote

Hitting Reset-Set A Path For Membership Growth

Designed To Help Your Association Move and Take Action

Next-Gen Industry Pipeline & Early Career Membership Succession Planning

Recruiting Next-Gen and Creating Must-Have Membership Right Now!

Learn how to engage the next generation of members.

Membership Performance Training

Designed To Connect The Board & Staff On Membership

Understanding Why Younger Members Are Not Joining

Learn why and what you should start doing now in order to reach younger members

Engaging Younger Members

Inspired by Sarah’s book Knowing Y.

Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Membership University and Sarah Sladek are committed to being your resident membership coaching, researching, strategic planning, and execution partner.

Sarah has developed a suite of services that allows associations to leverage and combine our collective expertise with your organization, leadership team, board of directors, staff, or chapters. 

Choose the pace that best fits the urgency and resources of your association.


If membership health has been up and down, choose a FAST check-up addressing a single area. A Sarah Sladek membership keynote presentation or group-guided coaching program will get your association’s team aligned and back on the membership growth track. Learn More.


If your association’s membership health has been trending flat for 5+ years, then membership is more urgent; Sarah will help your organization move FASTER  by leading your association leadership team(s) and passionate community stakeholders through her one-of-a-kind visioning and membership planning retreats.

Following the in-person retreat, Sarah will provide a Membership Action Plan to address critical areas of concern. Learn More.


If your association’s membership health has been declining for 3+ years, then the FASTEST membership response is critical for your association’s future. Working side-by-side, Sarah and her team will reverse the downward trend. Our 180 Membership Planning Process includes:Research, Visioning, Strategy, 12 month Roadmap, and Guidance to execute a Membership Turnaround for your association.

Using our full suite of proprietary membership planning services, we will lead your association through modernizing membership practices, successfully engaging younger members and growing membership in today’s era.

Our hands-on approach is customized for your organization’s unique needs – and will provide actionable steps to guide or help your organization through the research, strategy development, and execution processes. Learn More.

Featured Research

The 2022 Global Membership Health Matrix

The Global Membership Health Matrix is the first of its kind, independent research focused solely on the “voice of the member”. The research is administered globally, leveraging the collective power and reach of our partner organizations.

This research will document members’ perspectives and take the pulse of how members think of different association practices and provide insights on how associations can help them better.

It will provide the guidance associations and membership organizations desperately need to stop declining memberships and engage existing members better.

At the core of the research is Global Membership Health Survey.

About Sarah Sladek

Sarah Sladek is an author, futurist, and leading researcher of generational and societal shifts impacting the decisions on why people join, stay, and engage.

As a renowned thought leader on generational shifts, membership engagement strategies, and change management, organizations worldwide have relied on her strategic guidance and next-gen intelligence to plan their futures, foster collaborative cultures, and realize growth.

Since 2002, Sarah has been researching workforce trends alongside social change, demographic shifts, economics, and consumerism. She has identified why declines in engagement occur and what membership organizations must do to reverse the decline and retain their members.

Sarah is the founder and CEO of XYZ University, one of the nation’s only firms focused on generational research and the development of inclusive, inter-generational workplaces.

She’s also the founder of Membership University, a future-focused membership strategy and training firm, and host of the Save the Associations web show and Membership IQ podcast.

In addition to her business ventures, Sarah is a member of the Forbes Business Council and the best-selling author of five books.

Sarah’s expertise has been prominently featured in international media, and she has keynoted events worldwide. Backed by years of experience and supported by solid research, she remains committed to helping organizations plan for their futures and prosper in the new economy.


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