We provide the strategy and next-gen intelligence associations need to successfully engage, expand, and grow their membership communities.

Now is the time to innovate and change so your organization can survive and thrive into the future.

Disruption doesn't have to threaten the future of your organization.
With the right tools and strategy, growth is possible.

Our step-by-step process will guide your organization through the
challenge of change and place it on the path of greater success.

About Us

At Sarah Sladek & Co, we understand the challenges of leading and building community in a time of unprecedented change.

We have researched engagement trends alongside shifts in economics and demographics to identify the most sustainable path to membership growth. Our proven approach is the foundation of our training and education.

  • 200+ association clients
  • 20+ years of research
  • Wide range of tools, resources, and solutions
Sarah Sladek & Co

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Our Services

Choose Your Path to Success.

Sarah Sladek & Co. is home to these platforms, each designed to help your association engage and grow membership.

Membership Growth Services 
Engage young members on the computer
Membership University can provide your association with action steps and strategies proven to drive membership growth and engagement in a changing market.
Workforce Training for Members
Membership Strategy
With XYZ University, your association can access and deliver the training member companies need to successfully engage employees and manage change.
Best Practices in Membership
Best Practices in Membership
With Save the Associations, you gain valuable insights from executives who are committed to relevance, innovation, and member engagement. 

Is your association on the path to growth or decline?
Take the assessment to know for certain.

Sarah Sladek & Co's Membership Growth Assessment™ measures the contributing factors which influence an association's current and long-term success.

Quickly and easily find out where your association is headed by taking the 16-question multiple-choice assessment.

The report will provide a snapshot of where the organization is at and where it needs to be to successfully engage members and grow.