A podcast dedicated to helping association leaders and membership professionals adapt to the ever-changing needs of their diverse membership community while learning why and what to start doing now in order to reach younger members. My goal is to help you succeed by raising your Membership IQ! New podcasts are added biweekly.

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Most Recent Episode: Season 2 | Episode 11

Released: Thursday, September 7, 2023

Join host Sarah Sladek on a journey to unlock membership engagement and understand the profound difference between treating memberships like mere products and recognizing them as emotional commitments. Through candid discussions and expert insights, we explore how membership isn’t just a transaction but an opportunity to foster deep connections, a sense of belonging, and true ownership. Discover the power of emotional engagement and revolutionize your approach to membership, ensuring lasting retention and growth. Tune in to ‘Unlocking Membership Engagement – It’s NOT a Product’ and embark on a transformative membership journey like never before.