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Membership organizations are reporting higher levels of disengagement and decline than ever before. A new membership strategy is urgently needed, and Sarah Sladek has discovered it.

Whether your association is struggling to engage younger members, show value, manage change, or strategize for the future, Sarah’s keynote promises to pack a punch and inspire a turnaround. This is your opportunity to create a meaningful ‘MemberShift’ and place your organization on a renewed path for success!

1/2-Day Workshop (3-4 hours) covers the following topics:
• The End of Membership As We Know It: Learn the economic and demographic shifts altering the value proposition of membership.
• The New Membership Mindset: Learn how to stay relevant and engage the participation of generations born into the Talent Economy.

Full-Day Workshop (4-6 hours) provides a deep dive into topics above + strategy development:
• Ghosts, Myths, Legends: Through a facilitated exploratory exercise, identify hurdles to growth and untapped opportunities.
• Member-Centric Hack-a-Thon: Explore the drivers of membership engagement, actively ‘hack’ solutions, and set a strategic foundation
• Create a MemberShift: Sarah guides the audience through the process of completing a customized Membership Growth Strategy

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