The best incentive for membership growth

I’ve been asked this question many times in the past few months and my response is always the same: Incentives don’t work. During pandemic, associations focused on being accessible and supportive. When the going got tough, members appreciated access to free professional development courses and dues extensions. This was important and necessary. Members needed support, and associations provided it. Incentives…

The Value of Change

How to find your organization’s value What will be valued and valuable after the pandemic? In a volatile environment like this one, every organization is contemplating this question, trying to determine how to stay relevant and valuable in the midst of change. What will be valued and valuable after the pandemic? In a volatile environment…

Why your organization can’t afford to ignore virtual events any longer

Sarah Sladek is among the panel of experts in the nonprofit, association, and membership management space invited to provide additional insights and advice in response to Wild Apricot’s 2020 Virtual Events Research Report . Read the full article here.   According to Wild Apricot’s findings, virtual events are still a relatively new concept for 50% of organizations….

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